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Building Material

Whether you need to verify material properties for application trials, defects detection, failure analysis or new material performance verification, material testing is essential.

Our material testing services offer you comprehensive testing for glass, stone, sealant, aluminium alloy, steel alloy, anodize coating on aluminium surface and facade hardware etc. We also provide a wide range of mechanical, chemical and destructive/non-destructive testing services to meet specific demand.

Material Testing

We offer you the latest material testing methods, highly experience specialists and state-of-art equipments.

Material Test International Standard
Glass Test ASTM C 1279
BS 952
BS 5544
BS 6206
BS 8200
BS EN 12600
BS EN 1288-3
Boil test of laminated glass to CoP of Glass 2018
Bending strength of laminated glass at elevated temp. 50°C
Weathering of laminated glass to ANSI Z97.1-2015
Stone Test ASTM C 97
ASTM C 170
ASTM C 880
ASTM C 1354
BS EN 12372
Ageing Test to specific requirement
Sealant Test BS 3712
BS 5889
ISO 11600
Aluminium Test BS 18
BS 1474
BS EN 755-2
BS EN 10002-1
Steel Test BS 18
BS 10025-1
BS EN 1043-1
BS EN 10045-1
BS EN ISO 6507-1
Anodize & Coating test BS 3987
BS EN ISO 1463
Destructive Test BS 18
BS 10025-1
BS EN 10045-1
BS EN 10002-1