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Facade Performance

Facade Performance Testing, also called Curtain Wall Testing or Mock-up Testing. The laboratory provides a structure (Chamber) to which the curtain wall contractor fixes their specimen (Performance Mockup Unit - PMU) and encloses it to form an air-tight chamber. PMU size varies per projects, it might include glass curtain walling, window & door, skylight, metal cladding...etc. Beside the basic tests of Air Infiltration, Static/Dynamic Water Penetration and Structural Load, number of other procedures and tests designed to verify the performance of the facade in accordance with the specified standards.
Laborartory Testing verifies that the design of the proposed system is capable, when assembled and test in the laboratory, of meeting the design criteria. It gives assurance to the project management team that the project will meet the project requirements. Every job is different and should be tested no matter the proposed system has been tested before for assurance.


Facade Performance Testing

We offer you the latest facade testing methods, highly experience specialists and state-of-art Facade Automation Computerized Testing System. (FACTS)

Facade Performance Test International Standard
Air Permeability Test ASTM E283
BS 5368 Part 1
EN 12152
AS/NSZ 4284
GB 15227
Water penetration test under static pressure ASTM E331
BS 5368 Part 2
EN 12154
AS/NZS 4284
GB 15277
Water penetration test under dynamic & cyclic pressure AAMA 501.1
AS/NZS 4284
GB 15277
Wind pressure test HK PNAP APP37
BS 5368 Part 3
EN 12179
AS/NZS 4284
GB 15227
CoP of Glass 2018 Cl. 8.3.1
Seismic or building displacement test AAMA 501.4
AS/NZS 4284
BMU tie back test AS/NZS 4284 or test to contract requirement
Thermal Cyclic test AAMA 501.5
Small Missile Impact Test ASTM E1886
Hammer / Axe Impact Test BS EN 356

Windows Testing

Window Test International Standard
Dimension test (overall dimension) Hong Kong Housing Com2.M005.6.2.a-2012 edition
Dimension test (individual member) BS 1474:1991 Cl.7.4
Air permeability test BS 6375-1:2009
BS EN 1026
BS EN 12207, AS 2047, AS 4420
Water Tightness Test BS 6375-1:2009
BS EN 1027
BS EN 12208, AS 2047, AS 4420
Resistance to wind test BS 6375-1:2009, BS 6375-2-:1987
BS EN 13046:1
Operation and strength test BS 6375-2:2009
BS EN 10246-1
BS EN 14608
BS EN 14609
BS EN 13115, AS 2047, AS 4420
Operation, strength and endurance test SS212:2007 (Test 1 to 9)