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Facade Diagnostic

Facade systems are the shielding and protecting skin of a building, it merely helps to keep the weather out and the occupants in. Having been stood under adverse weather conditions, all sort of facade element shall be inspected to address the diverse issues which arise in many different existing systems and the numerous factors that cause deterioration or failure of those systems.

Through field examination and testing, we investigate the root causes of deterioration or failure, and, in tight consultation with our clients and partners, construct repair strategies unique to a client’s physical building, budgetary constraints and work schedule.

Facade Experience

We are engaged by consultants and building owners for a variety of assessments, from requests to examine a particular area or certain component that has failed or deteriorated, to full-building facade analysis, including   

  • Component assessment (aluminium panels, framings, glasses, sealants, flashings, gaskets, structural fixings)
  • Infrared thermography
  • Surface hardness measurement
  • Field water test
  • Glass breakage diagnosis fake watches 
  • Life cycle implications and performance