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CSR - Green Enterprise
We want to be sure that the way we do business takes into account any adverse impacts on local communities and the environment. So we have identified key sectors where such impacts are likely to arise, and created policies to guide the way we operate in these sectors.

Energy conservation

HKCWTC aims at reducing energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions by using energy-savings system such as replacing the T5 fluorescent tube by LED tube, using temperature controlling technology for exhaust fan, inverter motor, attaching heat insulating window films to reduce indoor temperature and therefore save energy.

Waste reduction and recycling 

  • Recycle equipment and used goods to reduce usage and wastage, including paper, plastic bottles, wooden board, as well as glass panel and polystyrene.
  • Recycle and reuse testing sewage to reduce water consumption
  •  Use multi-functional all-in-one devices to replace old printers, copiers, scanners and fax machine to manage office’s carbon footprint