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Water Supply Pipes and Fittings Test

As one of the HOKLAS accredited laboraties under the Metallic materials & pipies sub-categories, we are proud to be accepted by the HKSAR Water Supplies Department (WSD) as one of their approved laboratory to provide pipes and fittings testing services for the application of the Water Supply Pipes and Fittings Approval. Swiss high quality copy watches at affordable prices have everything that one expects to find.High-quality fake watches are equipped with Swiss movements. You can possess the perfect uk replica watches from online stores.

Pipes and Fittings Test

We help ensure your product is tested against the appropriate standards for your application for the installation and use of pipes or fittings in inside service or fire service covered by the Waterworks Ordinance/Waterworks Regulations from the HKSAR Water Supplies Department(WSD).

Pipes & Fitting Test International Standard
Copper Pipes BS EN 1057:2006+A1:2010
Copper Fittings BS EN 1254-1:1998
Copper Fittings BS EN 1254-2:1998
Ductile Iron Pipes and Fittings BS EN 545:2010
Non-metallic material BS Standards